Analogue glances.

There’s a decent amount of talk going on about “glance-able information” in the form of dashboards and second-screens. The central idea is to use digital to be ambiently aware of information, or add commentary to your experience. They augment what you are currently doing. Not in an AR kind of way, just casually. backchannel


Carsten Nicolai, unitxt. / Chromatologies.

Last week I went to the opening of Chromatologies, a new digital art/music festival curated by .snd in Rotherham. I’ve never been to that part of South Yorkshire before, it always seemed rough as hell. It is. The first thing you will see after arriving in Rotherham Central train station is a disused nightclub. A disused boat that hosts a disused nightclub.

I was nervous heading into Rotherham, and rounded up the muscle of a contemporary artist. Someone who could help me if hands were scrunched and shoulders haunched.

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