Mount Eerie presents…

Phil Elverum has made a visual playlist of videos and music that are good reference points and (possibly) inspirations behind the newest Mount Eerie albums, Clear Moon (released end of May) and Ocean Roar (September).

It’s an interesting mix of a lot of things I’m interested in: Pacific North West music (Eric’s Trip, Nicholas Krgovich, Earth), ’80s UK goth type acts (This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins), ethereal soundtrack music (Popul Vuh), a good dose of Black Metal, and a lot of natural landscape fantasies.

It’s great that artists can make these kinds of context documents for fans: to share actual inspirations that can be in some way experienced, understood and add value to their own creations.  These things used to be limited to the ‘thanks’ section of LP inlays, where I would see which bands, record labels and — occasionally — authors, artists, books and films would be referenced before going into town and spending money on one or two of those things.

Anyway. Enjoy the playlist, and pre-order the LP.


Preferred music of 2010.

Below are my favourite ten albums that were released in the year 2010. They are arranged in an alphabetical order and I have supplied a comment about each.
Listmaker, make me a list

“Paint your face. Go to the woods. Act like a troll.”

Notes from week one-thousand, three-hundred and eighty-nine

A quick point to make: a whole pot of coffee is not ideal for writing. A lot of people have propogated this lie over time. It makes you write a lot, definitely, but it’s all wildly meandering and directionless. It lacks the tunnel-vision clarity of a whisky write, even though whisky will lead you down terrible rabbit-holes.

It is only week two of the attempt to do weeknotes, and I’m stuck on where to start, again. The week has blurred hugely. I thought it was finishing much earlier than it was, and then it lingered on considerably more. Time, and my experience of it, got deeply monged along the way.

I wanted to return to my twitter account to see what I’d been saying (as much a guide as anything about the ongoings, despite the semi self-censorship). Unfortunately, twitter’s handling of time is shocking. Scroll, scroll, scroll. It’s quite disrespectful really, treating everything as being so deeply ephemeral and meaningless. There’s no history. I did find an online app that would do what I wanted: create a calendar view of my posts. Twistory links out to iCal, Google Calendar & any apps that support either. Mine is here, if you’re that way inclined.

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