The Hepworth, names to take home.

I have just retured from The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. It’s a wonderful modernist building, a temple to perfectly crafted form, holding brilliant sculptures and the odd painting.

Exterior, Hepworth.

I’ve never considered myself a fan of sculpture, but it keeps creeping up on me. The things that tend to stand out in my memory of gallery trips definitely fall under that banner, from Joan Miró’s peopleAlexander Calder’s mobiles, Antoni Tàpies’ cloud or Ólafur Eliasson’s frozen BMW —

Olafur Eliasson's BMW H2R

Ólafur Eliasson, BMW H2R. Photograph © Adam Schwabe.

As I’m not a ‘fan’ of sculpture, getting by on a surface of knowledge and a likes-what-I-likes approach, I found the Hepworth to be an excellent journey. It is very good at contextualising the work, through showing initial sketches, maquettes, series, contemporaries. I think exhibitions are always best when they show the artist’s working out.

There were plenty of piece to enjoy, but these are the works that I made a personal note to record and follow up on:

Maybe I will.


Villages, towns and Magical Moomin Valley.

A brief tour diary from our rapid trip from Yorkshire to Merseyside and back again, taking in model villages, a family party and a visit to Moomin Valley.

Riding out tonight to case the promised land

Buildings Without Life: update.

I am gaining an inordinate amount of pleasure from watching Mann Island (Liverpool) take shape. The developers have a live webcam of the building site. It updates an image once every one-to-eight minutes, seemingly at whim.

Nothing fundamental is really happening. The sky is changing, and there is a silver car I suspect to be abandoned as it hasn’t moved in nearly twenty-four hours.

Anyway, it is interesting. Go watch.

Buildings Without Life.

I’d like to blog a little bit about buildings. Partially because of the RIBA Stirling Prize (winner) yesterday, but mostly because they’re everywhere. Really, you can’t walk down the street without seeing at least one.

Living in Sheffield, I’m cursed and blessed by the buildings around me. We have the superb Park Hill flats, a monument to idealised Modernist planning, an actual realisation of Le Corbusier’s “cities in the sky”. It stands proud, overlooking the train station and staring out to the city centre. view from the tallest building in the smallest town