Bangkok & The Inevitable City (redirection point)

Last month, I went to Bangkok with Toby.

It was my first full week at Mudlark, and a pretty strange experience — Bangkok is a full-on city where the volume for all the senses seems to be stuck on eleven.


Emo etc.

We spent the time walking around, setting up remote offices in the TCDC or hotel bar, looking at everything, and even squeezed in a screening of Sucker Punch. (I need to see it again because it was either brilliant or the worst film of the year.  I’m siding with brilliant for the moment.)

Here is an impressionistic post I wrote for the Mudlark blog detailing our minds being stretched a bit. In comic book style, words: me; pictures: Toby.


Crosspost: “Fatalism in Game Design”

It’s been a bit quiet here lately, my apologies. To make it up to you, I am going to republish a post I wrote for the Mudlark blog recently. It’s about an iPhone ‘game’ that’s a year old, but accidentally touches on some interesting ideas. Or it’s easy to extrapolate them from the game.

Read on if you like. but I wanted original content!

My Life As A Chopper

“Would you be an object for a week?”
“Yeah, sure.”

That’s how it starts. A flippant enough request, an equally flippant answer, but quite complex in reality. The brief was fairly wide — be irreverent and avoid any particularly brutal single entendres.

As part of My Life As An Object, I was asked by Rattle to voice an object on twitter. The rationale for the project is better explained on Frankie’s blog, but the core aim is to take static exhibits, bring them and their history to life — to make them part of living culture again. This partially meant to make the objects ‘real’ again, to recontextualise them and engage people in a way that you can’t just by looking at them. Most people are used to talking to objects, but not many really expect an object to talk back to them.

Change gears, boss