Birdman’s Thing

I still haven’t quite decided how I felt about Birdman overall — it has excellent sections kissing dreadful dialogue from paper-thin characters — but it did give me a knot of anxiety and prodded at things I used to obsess over.

Playing with time, performance / non-performance, sandbagging expectations, delusional characters, etcetery etcetery

What has stuck with me most is the self-help card inserted in Riggan’s changing room mirror that states: 

“A thing is a thing not what is said of that thing.” 

A request to experience experiences and understand objects as objects, outside of and in spite of their contexts, criticisms or personal preconceptions. It’s a tough challenge to accept, to lay thoughts aside and a thing as a thing. That is liberating, though, as anyone who found themselves enjoying Taylor Swift until discovering it was Taylor Swift can assent to.

Try to do that more.

Let go of some thoughts. Be present.

Enjoy the thing.


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