Our Exquisite Replica of Seventeen Year Old Ears

This morning I tooted a flippancy:

Make a mixtape from when you were seventeen.

Happily, it was picked up by some good people as a neat challenge. Seventeen is a tricksy time of life to pinpoint: an age of leaving immaturity, delusions of adulthood, tastes developing but still relatively primitive. Mismemory will con you into thinking your seventeen year old self had the tastes of your fourteen or twenty year olds. Both. I initially fell into that trap.

Tom has done a good YouTube two-sider.

Kars has gone to Rdio.

Aden has some slices of ’93 hip hop.

[edit] Kim has recreated a particular moment in time, here. The original inlay.

Here is mine, over on the Spotify channel.

At seventeen, we had recently achieved internet in our home. I spent all possible hours on pre-lawsuit Napster and audiogalaxy grabbing anything I had spent years reading about but not being able to afford. This helped accelerate my journey away from skapunk and bad metal.

Sadly, it is missing Shellac’s Watch Song from 1000 Hurts. 1000 Hurts and the Melvins Trilogy are the albums that I listened to on repeat during that year, identifiable marks in the sand for my tastes.


6 thoughts on “Our Exquisite Replica of Seventeen Year Old Ears

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  2. Just found this post, because twitter.

    I made you this.

    It’s a replica of a C60 Mix Tape I made in August 1991, labelled ‘Party Mix’ in very overdone calligraphy. It’s missing a track called ‘Love’ (s1t2) I have no idea what it might be, and no way to listen to the tape. It’s also missing the Peter Gabriel track ‘Modern Love’ (s2t6) and a track called ‘Stand Together’ by a band called ‘Ruby Blue’ who we all kind of loved (s2t7). They were very middle of the road.
    I have a horrible feeling the version of I Can See Clearly may have been the Hothouse Flowers.

    I remember the party this was made for – a campfire in the woods. There were cardigans. It’s not really a happy memory – more a long drawn out wince.

    Some of the individual tracks are OK. I still like solo Gabriel, and the Cocteaus. The whole mix? You should under no accounts listen to this. I certainly won’t.

      • Oh boy – Martika!

        I haven’t even thought of that name in twenty years, but her Kirsty/Mac/Eurythmics/Siouxsie remind me of my parents kitchen and playing darts badly. Woof.

        “Thanks”, Kim.

    • Siouxsie and Madness were favourites – so not a world away. — Sent from Mailbox

      On Wed, Aug 27, 2014 at 9:46 PM, Mount Analogue

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