Back Red Pop.

I’m not a massive Kickstarter user, I don’t trawl it looking for interesting things to put money into; the only thing I’ve backed before was for one of my favourite bands to record with my favourite producer.

Sometimes, though, an idea is just so stupidly good it needs to be made. This is where Brendan Dawes (of magneticNorth) and his newly-founded physical objects imprint, Beep Industries come in. Despite being a web/interaction design agency, mN have made a couple of nice physical things over the years — the Mixa USB c90 and MoviePeg — so to move those things over into a new company is logical.

The thing that makes it perfect is their latest product prototype, Red Pop. Red Pop is a physical camera trigger for the iPhone. More than anything, it’s a BIG RED BUTTON for the iPhone. It is this kind of stripped down and fun thinking that Brendan brings to everything (even if he does indulge in being grumpy from time to time).


Now go and back it. With 40% pledged in just over a day, I am looking forward to this being available in all the best places.


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