Post Future-O-Matic.

A year ago, Russell posted his sketch for the Future-o-Matic Theory Maker.

Future-o-Matic; Russell Davies.

I think at the moment, there is little need for any column except the second one. I have noticed quite a lot of Peak Slow and Post Long recently. These are mostly as attempts to mediate content overload, such as the trend towards #longreads in blog posts and Russell’s own reshaping of Interesting this year.

Of course, the Big Dark is never far away.

2 thoughts on “Post Future-O-Matic.

  1. Is the #longreads thing what I think it is? People fore-warning other folk that the link they are about to click on may take them into realms beyond 140 characters? Surely not!

    • Essentially, yes, though it’s more about signifying that there is content designed for having a hot drink with, rather than scanning quickly.

      A positive thing, rather than a warning.

      It all ends up as unread items in Instapaper anyway.

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