This just shouldn’t exist.


Storifying The Story (2011).

I used Storify to write up my notes from The Story.

It was a bit of a slog, but quite a rewarding process. Some BETA-ness in Storify resulted in the occasional William Burroughs passage, and rewrites. Anyway, there you are. It’s a bit long.

Kathryn Corrick did a much nicer document of the day.

Analogue glances.

There’s a decent amount of talk going on about “glance-able information” in the form of dashboards and second-screens. The central idea is to use digital to be ambiently aware of information, or add commentary to your experience. They augment what you are currently doing. Not in an AR kind of way, just casually. backchannel

Dropping balls.

I don’t use Google Chrome.

I’m told I should, but I don’t really want my entire internet experience mediated through Google (despite perversely sitting here using a MacbookPro laptop and Safari browser).

However, Google Creative Labs are doing some fantastic things to demonstrate the capabilities of their browser.  I’m feeling lucky