Playlist club.

Spotify is a wonderful tool for sharing music with your friends. You can send them songs or albums via drag and drop, simple URI links, or even in collaborative mode.

For some people, it’s not enough though.

Marie off of Twitter.

So there we are.

We could do a weekly thing, a rotation of several people contributing a playlist once every few weeks — enough time to gather some hot new sounds and blow our minds — or we could have twelve people doing a playlist once a month. There would be pressure to be amazing then.

If you would like to get involved, share and discover new music, drop a comment below.

Once that is sorted, we’ll set up a Tumblr or Posterous for posting the playlists, liner notes and such. Hopefully we’ll get a good mix of people and a good mix of different musics.

That’s it for now.

Signed up so far:

Toby Barnes
Marvin Belle
James Boardwell
Utku Can
Jaq Chell
Samuel Cotterall
Michael Day
Alf Eaton
Mel Exon
Eliot Fineberg
John Fischer
Marie Foulston (instigator)
Andy Huntington
Katy Lindemann
Matt Muir
Erica Packington
Greg Povey (myself)
Thayer Prime
Luke Richards
Edwin Rostron
Paul Squires
Dan Sumption
Rachel Wild
Tim Wright

34 thoughts on “Playlist club.

    • I am glad you are in.

      8tracks is possible, but I do particularly enjoy the curatorial expanse of Boomkat’s 14tracks, just a good amount to get an overview of a genre/scene/etc.

      Can you tell enough of a story in 8 tracks?

  1. Hey why am I 4th on the list when this was my damned idea. Hmmm track number as much as I’d like to aim for Toby’s 14 I think less, 7 days, 7 tracks. More EP less album. Although for some reason 8 was the first number that I came to too. Hmmmmm. Not too much of a hassle to put together, not too much of a hassle to slip into your weekly listening.

    But yes 1 person at a time, otherwise I’d end up with a backlog and don’t want to sign myself up to a self generating todo list

  2. I love the sharing playlist idea, but I have an irrational hatred of Spotify (sorry). I’m open to persuading, but these are the reasons I hate it:

    I can’t use it at work, which is where I listen to music most. I mainly listen to new music that isn’t on there yet. I’m not convinced of its usefulness to me enough to buy it yet, so I’m stuck with the ads. I don’t like having to open yet another app, I’d rather be able to listen to stuff in my browser/iTunes. And last, but not least, I find the UI ugly!

    I find it useful for researching single tracks, but I don’t ever use it for listening to music on. I also like to “own” music, bit old-fashioned I know!

    Good luck with this though, maybe one day I’ll come round to Spotify, or whatever supercedes it :)

    • Feel free to make X number of cassettes or CD-Rs instead, or a YouTube playlist, or a Yahoo Media Stream.

      Spotify is a compelling platform, and I find the adverts largely ignorable. There’s a gold mine of new and old music, so that shouldn’t put you off. If anything, should make you more creative.

      There is more than one way to own music.

      • Very sarky, but you’ve given me an idea. Need someone to invent some kind of thing that I could add all my online streamy finds to (e.g. Soundcloud, Hype Machine etc.) would be ace actually, that played them all through a common interface. Failing that, a tumblr or something…

  3. IN! one of my resolutions for 2011 was to listen to more new music. so what better way than to join playlist club? awesome idea :) shit, now I’m gonna have to find exciting music to share so I don’t look like the sad music neophyte I really am….

  4. In with bells on, if i may.

    The £10 a month for Spotify is my favourite bill (?). Well worth it for the mobile version.

    For the curious, my top three bills are: 1) Spotify 2) Thames Water 3) British Gas.

    • Added.

      I am still ad-supported, can I put Spotify down as tax deductable?

      My favourite bills: breakfast, internet, March instalment of Council tax.

  5. Catnip » Blog Archive » I hate Spotify

  6. I was searching for that exact thing last night Julia. Just embedding into a tumblr doesn’t quite do it for me and soundcloud/hypemachine aren’t playlist friendly enough for me.

    • Super. We haven’t finished finalising the rules yet, but I would imagine it would be old and new — the idea of exposing people to music new to them.

  7. I was just thinking… If you happened to find Spotify a bit frustrating for the playlist that you wanted to make could you just put the mp3s in a folder and put it on sendspace? Is that as simple as it sounds? and if it was only between the group would we all still be essentially illegal filesharing criminals? (that might be a problem for some) I do understand wanting to use Spotify or something like it as a general idea though anyway.

  8. Finished. It’s finished. Nearly finished. It must be nearly finished. | Mount Analogue

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