I saw this picture on the internet today.

I knew that Andrew would appreciate the illustration and the word “gladglum”.

my papa’s leg


The Television Set.

I wanted to write a little bit about the television set.

Over the years, the basic design of televisions has changed quite dramatically, whilst staying the same: a screen in a box. There are knobs to turn, or buttons to push, maybe a remote control, and the screen has got less bulbous over the years. Largely, it is a screen in a box.

don’t touch that dial

Loyalty cards: you’re doing it wrong.

I wanted to quickly write up a little thought that cropped up during a conversation last night. Skirting around behavioural economics and nudging, and whether it is something governments should really be doing, I found myself frustrated that it isn’t even done very well by commercial outlets.

go on, then.

Villages, towns and Magical Moomin Valley.

A brief tour diary from our rapid trip from Yorkshire to Merseyside and back again, taking in model villages, a family party and a visit to Moomin Valley.

Riding out tonight to case the promised land