Help: Helsing’s Fire.

Hello. I need your help. Recently, I have been playing the wonderfully Victorian, macabre and tricky iPhone game Helsing’s Fire (iTunes link).

It is an excellent take on the German board game Waldschattenspiel (lit. “forest shadow play”), which uses tealights and triangular trees to defeat dwarves. Tom Armitage elicited many coos about it at Interesting North. It looks bloody marvellous, but apparently isn’t that great fun to play.


I would still like to play it, should anyone wish to send me a copy via (with English instructions).

Helsing’s Fire is great fun and adds on to Waldschattenspiel’s gameplay. It has a pithy text repartee between two lead characters (Helsing and Rafton), and adds menaces from a variety of evils. You face many different monsters — including giant bats, werewolves, trolls, mummies, ghosts and a Golem-like creature — the further you go into the game. They get ever more diabolical the closer you are to Dracula himself. Each has their own method of attack which add an extra layer of complexity and strategy to the game. The mummies’ blast of light is currently my favourite.

Helsing's Fire: different menaces.

Now I’m stuck. Very stuck. I have been sat at level 78 for nearly two weeks. I have a mental block that just can’t beat it. I feel very grumpy about it.

Here is the app link to the awkward level, and a screenshot of the offending scene:

Helsing's Fire: level 78

Solutions welcome.

UPDATE: The excellent man, Andrew Pendrick, has managed to solve the level and has sent me blow by blow images documenting the success. I owe the man a sloe gin and tonic.

Many thanks to Jamie for getting me hooked in the first place.


3 thoughts on “Help: Helsing’s Fire.

  1. I’ve been playing this on and off for a couple of months now and find the only way to beat the really tough levels is to leave it alone for a bit then come back to it. That said, I’m not as far on as level 78, so maybe it just gets impossible at that stage… Another good game that has a kind of similar (frustrating but addictive) feel to it is Doodle God, if you’ve not played that I’d highly recommend it.

    • Leaving alone and coming back is the key, though I tended to find a golden zone after playing for a while. Quite easy to understand where it would lie quite quickly.

      Not played Doodle God, but have lately got “Axe In Face” which very cute and fun. Vikings defending daffodils.

  2. Hi Victoriana fans. I’m not an experienced gamer but got the idea of this one and have got to 96. I just can’t get past it- he seems to be the end of a section.
    Please can anyone advise or suggest where I can look?

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