Melon Unboxing.

Working from home, I don’t eat particularly well. It should be the opposite: more time to cook, prepare lunch and so on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. I am mostly sustained by wholemeal toast in the morning, and Dr Pepper in the afternoon.

Today, I decided not to do that. I bought a melon.

It’s a Charentais melon (or ‘Sharon Tate‘ melon). It’s quite pricey at £2.49, but I am treating myself so it’s okay.

From the outside, it looks a lot like the standard Canteloupe. It’s so much more rewarding than that. Let’s have a look inside.

What a lovely burst of colour coming through.

Look at that delicious flesh.

Deseeded, I quartered the melon then cut it into small cubes.

Attempting to shoehorn my 5-a-day (35-a-week) into one go, I ate it all. I have a burning sensation in my throat and a slightly odd vitamin C high.


2 thoughts on “Melon Unboxing.

  1. when you ll come to spend summer holidays in my mum and dad’s house in Charentes-maritimes you ll have delicious, cheap ‘melon charentais’, every day! xxx

  2. Would love to holiday in Charents-Maritîmes! Am nearly out of the cognac you gave me.

    Cognac & melon? Perfect.

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