Melon Unboxing.

Working from home, I don’t eat particularly well. It should be the opposite: more time to cook, prepare lunch and so on. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. I am mostly sustained by wholemeal toast in the morning, and Dr Pepper in the afternoon.

Today, I decided not to do that. I bought a melon. Look



Like many people, I watched Russell Davies’ keynote at Media Festival Arts on Friday. As usual, he offered up several golden eggs.

Central is the concept of post-digital. Of taking information that we put into the internet back out of it and using it to make Real Things. To try to avoid experience being completely mediated by screens. Newspaper Club is the most successful expression of that so far.
Carry on, camper.

Carsten Nicolai, unitxt. / Chromatologies.

Last week I went to the opening of Chromatologies, a new digital art/music festival curated by .snd in Rotherham. I’ve never been to that part of South Yorkshire before, it always seemed rough as hell. It is. The first thing you will see after arriving in Rotherham Central train station is a disused nightclub. A disused boat that hosts a disused nightclub.

I was nervous heading into Rotherham, and rounded up the muscle of a contemporary artist. Someone who could help me if hands were scrunched and shoulders haunched.

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