Photograph Notes: #6

I have missed a few weeks because of one reason or another. Everything below is from the month of August so far.



Reading this morning the Imperica interview with Marcus (1, 2), I envied his scorched earth approach to digital legacies. I’m too much of a hoarder. I have magazines, mini-discs, university essays, scraps of newspapers, postcards and packaging from relevance past. There’s no need for it, and there’s barely any value either. I’m much the same with online content too.

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Photograph Notes: #5

Photograph notes from Sunday 25th July to Saturday 31st July:

Week spent listening to these albums:

  • Rhythm of Black Lines / Pele — split 12″
  • The(e) Speaking Canaries — Songs for the Terrestrially Challenged
  • June of ’44 — Four Great Points
  • Rusko — OMG