Fun Fair.

When was the last time you went on a rollercoaster? A real one, not a metaphorical one.

Today, after the best part of ten years, I went to a theme park.[1] A classic theme park with dozens of rides, including rapids, log flumes and spinning tea-cups. (The tea-cups have been replaced with “gunpowder barrels”, mind).

Simple pleasures abound. Genuinely palpitating moments before the vertical drop, a refreshing misty spray, human woo-ing and laughter.

I thoroughly rate putting a day aside in the next few weeks to spend in the sun, laughing at the fact you haven’t died yet. It’s beautiful.

In this hermetically-sealed zone for childish activity, there is also the willful justification for fast food and slush puppies.

Saluting Alton Towers

[1] The abortive, costly mulled wine haze of Copenhagen’s Tivoli doesn’t count.


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