Photograph Notes: #4

Photograph notes from Sunday 18th July to Saturday 24th July:

Week spent listening to these albums:

  • The Red Krayola — Introduction
  • Storm and Stress — Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights
  • Imbalance — Spouting Rhetoric
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    Pecha Kucha, Sheffield: Enthusiasm

    Last night, I gave a short talk at Pecha Kucha Sheffield.

    It was the second one in this city, bringing together an odd mix of creatives, interested audience, and the usual marketeers who you can feel oozing off the walls. That’s fine, though, they’re there to capitalise on the creatives.

    There were seven talks in total loosely under the banner of ‘Enthusiasm’. A quite interesting (but too wide) talk about sound peaked above sprawling looks into signs, product design, sci-fi, and someone talking through a portfolio of design from when they were the zeitgeist.


    Photograph Notes: #3

    Photograph notes from Sunday 11th July to Saturday 18th July:

    Old Spice, Worn Leather & New Balls.

    In case you missed it, yesterday was a good day for The Internet.

    Most brands’ social media forays have been either one-sided (e.g. Skittles skinning on top of twitter, flickr, Facebook) or dismissive, leaving it to interns or junior marketing execs to man their twitter account or facebook profiles. This has reaped pretty awful rewards in the past, Habitat finding themselves the focus of a twitter hashfork campaign for their dreadful spamming of #iranelection.

    Social Media and Branded Content have been around a long, long time, but there are still only two main models for Branded Content: the seventy-year old television model of product placement and the Nescafé / Oxo Family episodic adverts.[1] There are exciting blurring of both of these, but they’re the basic tenets. It’s unadventurous, obvious and demanding. That’s the main problem. Television has grown up as an activity, a communal appointment with a programme that demanded attention.

    The web has so much content, it is stupid to demand attention. The shift in culture from blogs to twitter shows how our attention flits, aiming to consume as much information as possible. An hour-long weekly webseries is not going to win. Quick, personal, short-form content wins.

    Old Spice wins.

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    Photograph notes: #2.

    Photograph notes from Sunday 4th July to Saturday 10th July:

    Photograph notes: #1.

    Photograph notes from Sunday 27th June to Saturday 3rd July:

    Fun Fair.

    When was the last time you went on a rollercoaster? A real one, not a metaphorical one.

    Today, after the best part of ten years, I went to a theme park.[1] A classic theme park with dozens of rides, including rapids, log flumes and spinning tea-cups. (The tea-cups have been replaced with “gunpowder barrels”, mind).

    Simple pleasures abound. Genuinely palpitating moments before the vertical drop, a refreshing misty spray, human woo-ing and laughter.

    I thoroughly rate putting a day aside in the next few weeks to spend in the sun, laughing at the fact you haven’t died yet. It’s beautiful.

    In this hermetically-sealed zone for childish activity, there is also the willful justification for fast food and slush puppies.

    Mother lode