My Life As A Chopper

“Would you be an object for a week?”
“Yeah, sure.”

That’s how it starts. A flippant enough request, an equally flippant answer, but quite complex in reality. The brief was fairly wide — be irreverent and avoid any particularly brutal single entendres.

As part of My Life As An Object, I was asked by Rattle to voice an object on twitter. The rationale for the project is better explained on Frankie’s blog, but the core aim is to take static exhibits, bring them and their history to life — to make them part of living culture again. This partially meant to make the objects ‘real’ again, to recontextualise them and engage people in a way that you can’t just by looking at them. Most people are used to talking to objects, but not many really expect an object to talk back to them.

Change gears, boss


Quiet time.

Another apology for the delay in writing, late February and March have proven to be exceptionally busy. I have struggled to find time to write here, mostly because I’ve been writing elsewhere — for work, for reward, for Anarchists*, and now for Hunstanton.

As soon as it all calms down, I’ll hope to recap everything and be back up to speed. In the mean-time, why don’t you read some of these people?

* I’m not an anarchist, I was just asked to write a short piece for some. Smash the system, etc.