“The last taboo is something done sincerely and well.”

Notes from week one-thousand, three-hundred and eighty-eight

I’ve decided to to attach myself to the current trend of weeknotes: the aim of building the habit of writing, around the ease of living.

What happened to you this week?, it asks. That’s easy enough, I experienced several deeply boring things, some very enjoyable things and undertook a few esoteric activities that will entertain only a few of the few who will even read this.

Now write it interestingly, it demands. This is the hard part, really. Out of touch with writing for myself, of myself, largely wrapped in public sector code or marketing copy, this is particularly tricky. The best writers drink, though, so I am taking the initial step to be ‘a writer’ by having a drink. The drink is a Grateaud Cognac from 17610, Cherac — deep in the heart of Cognac country. It’s sweet apple, with a tart aftertaste of soured grapes. It’s beautiful.

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